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Urban Nomad Fun Pack

Image of Urban Nomad Fun Pack


Get all 6 issues of Urban Nomad and 2 bonus mini comics previously only available at conventions.

Urban Nomad is a series of short, auto-biographical comics about my life in New York City. From creepy subway stories to staying up all night in animation school and living as a post-college graduate in the city that never sleeps.

UN 1 preview
UN 2 preview
UN 3 preview
UN 4 preview
UN 5 preview

Rock On! is about my favorite shuttered live music venues in NYC from CBGBs to lesser known venues like Brownies.

Money Saving Freelance Tip$ is a tongue-in-cheek illustrated guide to the freelance lifestyle.

Urban Nomad issues 1-6
5.5" x 8.5"
20 to 24 pages each
B&W interiors
Color covers

Mini comics:
2.75" x 4.25"
6 pages each

*If your comics will be shipping outside the US, please include your phone number for the customs form when you check out.*

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